Design Studio

3D Solid and Surface Modelling using CATIA V5

Concept Visualisation using Blender



Technical / Instruction Manual Creation Software

10ft CMM FARO Arm

Clean Room

340m2 Air-conditioned Temperature Controlled

CNC Material Cutting Machine

Part Curing

45m3 Fully Programmable Oven

7.2m x 2.9m Diameter Computer Controlled Autoclave

4.5m x 1.6m Diameter Computer Controlled Autoclave

Part Finishing

3m x 2m x 1.2m 5-axis CNC Router/Mill

Full Material Covering Capability

Fully Extracted Sealed Trimming Facility

Fully Equipped Sanding Facility

2 x Automotive Style Spray Paint Oven/Booth

1000m2 Changeable Assembly Area

Raw Material Storage and Preparation

Custom-built Industrial Freezer for storing sensitive resin systems